The Alliance Francophone of Palm Beaches is a Florida not-for-profit corporation 501(c)(3) registered in Florida under the number DLN 200238091.
Alliance Francophone of the Palm Beaches mission is to offer cross-cultural opportunities to build harmonious and diverse relationships and to promote understanding and mutual respect for the cultural diversity within the Palm Beach community. There are more than 300 million people in the world who share the language and culture of France, from countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Algeria, Lebanon, Belgium, and Haiti. The populace of Palm Beach County comprises a large group of these multicultural families whose first language is not English and who and are in need of a collective outlet to share their experiences. Alliance Francophone provides a comprehensive array of culturally relevant opportunities to bridge the gap. We offer free French literacy classes, lectures by notable authors, movies, museum events, informative communal dinners and linkage to Francophone branches throughout the world to children and adults in the Palm Beach County community.

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The Alliance Francophone of the Palm Beaches is a Member of the worldwide organization the “Fancophonie des Amériques”. More information on this network is available at francophoniedesameriques.com. It is also a member of Cultural Council of Pam Beach County http://www.palmbeachculture.com.  To read more about our organization, and what people are saying about us, on France Amérique, the primary French online newspaper in the United States, please visit www.france-amerique.com Rejoignez notre groupe sur Facebook : « Alliance Francophone of Palm Beaches ».

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