Dear Friends of the Alliance Francophone of Palm Beaches: with more than 200 members, we are now well in our fifth year of activities. Thanks to all of you, we have accomplished a lot. We have organized or participated in more than 100 events: lectures, book readings, restaurant dining, conversation classes, movie viewings, petanque, national holiday parties, museum visits and the opera events. Always in a convivial atmosphere! We have also developed an extensive network of Francophone and Francophile friends, and we were able to teach French in after school programs for children thanks to our Sponsors. We have organized a “big brother – big sister” exchange with students from the French department at FAU Boca Raton. We participated in the French Immersion in Fort Lauderdale and the Congres de la Culture Francaise in Orlando. Our status of non-profit organization granted by the IRS makes your donations tax-deductible to the extend allowed by the law, and we are extremely grateful to those who have helped us. If you have enjoyed our events, you can help our organization by making us known to your friends. The fee has not changed and the form is accessible on our website. Our French classes (individual and private) by experienced teachers have a lot of success. Our new program “En direct de Paris” is a great hit. Please click on “Events” to visit our event calendar through 2013-2014. Come along and share the beautiful language that we all cherish!

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